Our Services

Minneapolis Business Mentors volunteers are a diverse team of individuals brought together by the mission to advise and support entrepreneurs and small business owners with skills, experiences, knowledge, talents and abilities to help them start, guide and grow their businesses.


To achieve our mission, we provide our services at no or low cost to our clients. Our team members are driven by their desire to give back to the Minnesota business community by helping anyone who requests our services. Our goal is to help them succeed in their business ventures.

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Free Mentoring

Minneapolis Business Mentors have highly experienced business professionals ready to help you with useful, practical advise. We are here to provide FREE mentoring to both prospective and existing small business owners. We are available by phone, online conferencing, email and eventually face-to-face. We can help you with sales, marketing, social media, finance, operations and more.

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Free Advisory Council

We offer small business owners the opportunity to present their plans for expansion, financing needs, acquisition, exit strategies, or other issues to a panel of experienced MBM advisors. You'll receive feedback specifically addressing your business needs. This is a free service for small businesses who are seeking advice and council.

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Free Webinars

We present webinars designed specially for small businesses. We cover a variety of topics, from how to start a business, to growing your brand with the right sales and marketing strategies, how to finance your venture and so much more. Our presenters have real world experience they draw upon. Check our calendar to see what we're offering this week!

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Peer Roundtables

We facilitate groups of small business presidents and owners, from the area. Each group consists of 10 - 12 members from non-competing companies. We provide a forum for exchange of information, ideas, insights, and perspectives. Our roundtables are perfect for the leader of a small business who wants to learn from their peers in a confidential environment.

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Free Business Plan Support

Whether you are launching a start-up or growing an established company, a business plan is your blueprint that demonstrates you have considered and assessed the decision points necessary to start and run a successful venture. We offer free assistance to get you on track whether it's a traditional plan, lean canvas, pitch deck or mini plan, we can help.

Women in Jewelry Workshop

Women's Collaborative

We facilitate a women entrepreneurs and small business owner networking group. Designed by and for women in business, the group discusses the unique needs and challenges of today's women business leaders. This will be another free service for our clients. Check back soon for updates!

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